The UoH Team Visited the “Blooming Hwarot” Exhibition in Seoul Today

As Tomorrow Is The Last Day Of The Exhibition, There Were A Number Of People There

As we previously shared, the National Palace Museum of Korea presents a special exhibition named “Blooming Hwarot – Bridal Robes of the Joseon Royal Court,” which brings together a total of 110 artifacts related to bow clothes.

  • Dates : September 15 – December 13, 2023
  • Address : 12, Hyoja-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

As tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition, there were a number of people there. The UoH Team visited today and wanted to share some photos and stories behind it.

With its exquisite design and ornamentation, the wedding robe known as hwarot (활옷) was the most elegant ceremonial attire worn by Joseon royal women. It was worn during the last ceremony of sharing ritual meal. While extremely elaborately embroidered clothing was generally forbidden by Joseon’s commitment to Confucian tradition, bridal robes like Hwarot (활옷) were an exception because they embodied the best craftsmanship imaginable and were made of the finest materials available.

The Exhibition Featured A Hwarot (활옷) That Was Acquired By German Collector J.F.G Umlauff And Brought Into The Field Museum’s Collection In The United States In 1899

This Hwarot, one of five purchased at that time, is said to have similar characteristics to the Hwarot in the collection of the National Palace Museum. The arrangement of the embroidery was very similar, including peony patterns on the front and back shoulders, character patterns, and phoenix and water patterns on the bottom.

Donation bB BTS Leader RM

This exhibition is unique since it showcases LACMA‘s collection of Hwarot, which was restored thanks to a donation from BTS member RM. When it became public in September 2022 that RM had given 100 million won a year for two years to the preservation and repair of cultural properties outside of Korea, the news grabbed attention. Given that the embroidery has remained intact and the colors of the threads have not faded over time, the restored Hwarot is considered to have great cultural worth.

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